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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2016 Show Review

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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2015 Show Review

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Automotive Testing Expo North America 2014 Show Review

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Automotive Testing Expo India 2014 Show Review

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Latest Video

Braking systems development


A snapshot of some of the virtual and physical test techniques being adopted at Applus+ IDIADA to develop next-generation braking systems

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Toyota NA expansion


Operations are now well underway at Toyota Motor North America’s expanded R&D, purchasing and prototype development centers in York Township, Michigan

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Hyundai i30 N testing


Road testing of the new high-performance model from Hyundai will ensure the car is comfortable enough for everyday driving

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Weekly Poll

Does a fully autonomous vehicle future spell an end to the need for crash test facilities? 


Last week's poll asked if you agreed with Martin Byer's opinion that the established V-Model of vehicle development will eventually be replaced by more agile approaches, such as the use of end-to-end software platforms. Voting was split right down the middle with 50% agreeing with the MicroNova director of testing solutions and 50% disagreeing.

Recent Polls

  • Are car makers doing enough to ensure the health and safety of test engineers and drivers evaluating new and unproven technologies in development mules?
  • Will computer aided engineering ever completely replace the need for physical prototype testing?

  • Do autonomous vehicles being tested on public roads pose a substantial threat to the general public and the test engineers sat inside these prototypes?
  • Are more resources needed for testing?
  • With the likes of Toyota and Mazda currently taking about 26 months to develop new vehicles, will Volvo achieve its goal of slashing product development time to 20 months by 2020?
  • As OEMs such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz continue to 'leak' covert images of prototypes of upcoming models, has the traditional spy photographer become irrelevant?
  • Do vehicle test regulations need to be updated to bring them in line with new technology?
  • Would you consider using live human test subjects for crash-test evaluation?
  • Following the opening of a new indoor tire testing facility in northern Sweden – which has been designed to extend the winter testing season year-round – is it only a matter of time before OEMs start to develop their own such facilities?
  • If time and money were no object, how long would you like to have to fully test and validate a complete new-from-the-ground-up vehicle?
  • Why are recalls increasing?
  • Should one NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) standard be applied to all automotive markets?
  • Should these vehicles be recalled and their development programs restarted?
  • Who will develop the world's first road-going, fully self-driving vehicle?
  • Should this legal loophole be rescinded?
  • Will Formula E become an important testbed for suppliers and OEMs of road-going e-powertrains?
  • If you could select only one, where would you prefer to fully verify a new vehicle?
  • This year, the automotive industry has seen two major developments toward reducing vehicle test cycles. But which gets your vote?
  • Who should be responsible for paying for component failure?
  • Should all countries unite with the same policies or have their own? 
  • Will WLTP close the gap between official and real-world emissions for new passenger cars?
  • It has been said that the automotive testing industry is male dominated. Do you think that...
  • Should OEM and independent proving ground operators be allowed to shoot down drones that fly over their facilities to obtain spy footage of prototypes and new vehicles under development?
  • Have car makers become overly obsessed with achieving the fastest lap time at the Nürburgring during vehicle testing?
  • Will the job market for professional development drivers for hire disappear in the future as fully autonomous vehicles enter the market?
  • Is motorsport a genuine proving ground for road-car components or is it simply a way to grab headlines?
  • Will the job market for professional development drivers for hire disappear in the future as fully autonomous vehicles enter the market?
  • Do you agree?
  • Is the art of subjective testing dying thanks to technology and if so, does it matter given computers can take over?
  • Is this really a representative testing method?
  • Do professional race drivers make for good test drivers?
  • How many real-world winter cycles do you need to test a car in 2017?
  • Is increasing pressure from OEMs to shorten vehicle development programs having a negative effect on testing processes?
  • What one technology will change the way vehicles and components are validated more than any other in the coming five-10 years?
  • This month, Volvo announced that the Hain family, from Gothenburg, Sweden, is taking part in its Drive Me autonomous drive research program using real cars, in real traffic. But is this a legitimate and effective testing method or merely a marketing ploy to promote the project?
  • Should specific permits be required for autonomous vehicle testing?
  • Which British OEM do you rate most highly in terms of its vehicle durability test processes?
  • Will mobile and reduced-scale test labs, such as Ford's portable aeroacoustic tunnel, eventually replace the need for fixed, full-scale evaluation facilities?
  • In a recent industry opinion article for ATTI (read here), Kelly Senecal, founder of Convergent Science, asks whether CFD can ever reach a stage of being truly predictive. What do you think?
  • In an industry opinion article written for ATTI (read here), Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist at prpl Foundation, argues that when it comes to ensuring connected car security, solid product development trumps penetration testing every time. What do you think?
  • In the latest issue of ATTI, we report on the development of obese and elderly anthropomorphic test devices, which are said to be better representative of today's society (read here). Will you incorporate these new crash test dummies into your passive safety test programs?
  • But, if you could pick only one, where would you rather perform climatic testing?
  • In the June issue of ATTI, we visit several suppliers who have each invested in brand new EV driveline test facilities. However, as EV adoption rates increase, is it only a matter of time before OEMs develop their own such facilities? 
  • Are motorcyclists being overlooked in the development of autonomous vehicles?
  • Should autonomous vehicle testing continue to take place in the real world?
  • How do you feel about this prospect?
  • With the latest dynamics simulation software, how close to the final vehicle suspension setup can you get before physical testing begins?
  • How long before 3D full-color moving holograms replace physical soft targets for ADAS testing?
  • Do you think OEMs will still look to exploit loopholes despite changing the design of vehicle emissions testing equipment?
  • Following his recent article for ATTI (read here), do you agree with Simon Williams, head of PEMS development, Mahle Powertrain, that running upfront simulations of RDE test cycles is fundamental to ensuring RDE emissions are achieved over all RDE test conditions?
  • In Martin Bayer's Industry Opinion article (read here), the MicroNova director of testing solutions says he believes the established V-Model of vehicle development will be replaced by more agile approaches, such as use of end-to-end software platforms that provide greater virtualization test tools. Do you agree with him?
  • Does a fully autonomous vehicle future spell an end to the need for crash test facilities? 
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    Web Exclusives

    GKN opens new US winter test base

    The facility at the Smithers Winter Test Center in Brimley, Michigan, will enhance GKN Driveline’s test capabilities for all-wheel-drive and e-drive systems
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    Oscilloscopes for dynamic axle torque measurements

    Mike Hertz, senior field applications engineer at Teledyne LeCroy, discusses a new test methodology for accurately characterizing automotive axle torque, which combines dynamic parametric measurements with numerical script processing
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    Mercedes-Benz test facility celebrates 50th anniversary

    The OEM gives an exclusive tour of its Untertürkheim proving ground in Germany
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    Materials evaluation at SEAT

    An electron microscope installed at the auto maker’s technical center in Martorell, Spain, provides powerful analysis capabilities in materials durability testing
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    Water management simulation

    BMW used the latest Exa PowerFlow water management capabilities to develop its windscreen sprayer modules
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